Three things to do after a breakup

How to Feel Better After A Breakup

Breakups SUCK. It feels like your heart is constricted, your world is upside down, and you are powerless to do anything about it.

After my first breakup, I didn't eat or get out of bed for days. I was a zombie at work. I would find myself faking everything I was doing. It hurt. 

But there were a few things that actually made me start to feel better. (#3 saved me)

#1 - Give Yourself What You Need

This is your journey and no one else's. Your friends may want to sit by your bedside 24/7 and watch movies with you, but if you need some time to process on your own, you need to ask for that. If you need to cry and scream into a pillow, do that. If you need to go to a workout class and get your anger out, do that. If you need to call a therapist, do that. If you need to sleep a bit more, do that. I absolutely got coworkers to cover my shifts during my heartbreak. As long as you're responsible about it, who cares? Give yourself what you need.

#2 - Spend Time With People You Love

Okay, okay, I understand that I just told you to give yourself what you need...and if you don't want to go out with friends, then #2 doesn't seem like it makes sense, right?


I thought I wanted to be alone to wallow forever. I gave myself a few days of that, and then a friend wanted to come spend time with me, and damn. It was so helpful. It helps to remind you that there is more happening in your life than your breakup. There are still people that love you and want to support you. You are not alone in this. You are still capable of laughter. You don't need to sit by your phone waiting for your ex to text you. That won't help you.

Try it. Take a few days of what you need for you, and then let your friends and family smother you with love. They can help you get your mind off it for a bit, and that feels lighter. 

#3 - Write Your Ex Letters


Journaling in letters is one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done. It saved me during any moments of pain or heartbreak. It actually inspired me to create the Exhale Journal; that is how powerful journaling in letters has been for me.

And I get it, if you're not someone who journals, you may not be called to try this...but I am begging you to give it a shot. I tried so hard to connect with journaling and never could, until I tried journaling in letters. It has been the single most powerful thing I have ever done in my life. I have been doing it for over a decade now, and I feel so light and free because of it. 

On a final note, I want you to know that you will get through this, it does get easier, and the pain doesn't last forever. 

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