3 Tips to Achieve Your Goals Faster + Quicker

3 Tips to Achieve Your Goals Faster + Quicker

Written by Natalie Oniszk-De Vincenzi
Mindset & Heartset Coach
Founder, You Are Enough Co. 
IG: @coaching.by.natalie

We all have big goals and dreams, but sometimes we can get in our own way, whether that's procrastination, distractions, or lack of motivation. It's completely normal to feel and experience those things, but I'm sharing three tips below that are sure to increase your desire to put in the work and clear out distractions, so you can achieve your goals faster and quicker. Before you dive into these tips, you'll want to download my free goal-getter guide (linked here) to help you craft goals that you can actually achieve. Once you have your guide, then it's time to dive into these tips below!

Tip #1: Temptation Bundling
Temptation bundling is a great way to get the best of both worlds. What you do is bundle something you don’t want to do with something you do want to do. So many people do this when they watch Netflix while at the gym. One way I like to do this is by going to a nice coffee shop and treating myself to my favorite latte, but it's a non-negotiable to do any hard work I need to do while I’m there. So with whatever goal you're setting, you can combine it with something you really want to do, like I do with my latte.

What's something you can bundle with your goal?

Tip #2: Break Down Your Goals
Dopamine encourages us to take action towards our goals. When you don’t feel excited about a task, that could mean your dopamine levels are low or your heartset isn't in alignment. A quick way to shift this is to break your big goals down into smaller ones to make them more achievable. The simple act of taking action is a step towards your goals and will begin to release dopamine and then every time you meet a sub-goal, your brain will release dopamine and you’ll feel encouraged to take action on the rest of your goals. So if the goal is to reach out to 10 people on Instagram a week, if you break that out to 2 a weekday, then you'll get the dopamine hit every day!

Try breaking your big goal down into 2 pieces, and see how you feel!

Tip #3: TIGER Time
When you're working towards your goals, it's easy for outside distractions (like family or friends) to pull you out of what you're working towards. TIGER time is time that you FIERCELY protect, and you can do this by blocking off an hour in your calendar and not letting anything move or disturb it. One hour of undisturbed work towards your goals a week can make HUGE progress.

Go ahead, pick one hour right now you can set as your TIGER time.
If you find yourself grinding to achieve your goals and it's still not working, or you struggle to even get started, then my Empowered Entrepreneur intensive or 1:1 Limitless sessions is perfect for you! In just six weeks, you'll get unstuck fast so you can have the freedom, control, wealth and impact you've dreamed of. You can apply for the intensive here or message or email Natalie directly! 
With the right tools and resources, mindset, and heartset, you can achieve anything. Don't let this be just another blog you've read, implement each tip for at least one week and see how much more progress you make towards your goals. Goal get 'em! 
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